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Unique Attractions

Jump into this amazing opportunity to make great money in an industry where children and parents will love you! Event managers will love you! Small start-up costs for ½ scale machines that excite every operator that jumps on board. Low operation costs and minimal labor for events that can range from custom events with one machine, corporate events for contract with multiple machines and larger scale events such as fairs and festivals.

MegaToyz, Interactive Amusement Rides, Coin-operated, construction ride, Oregon, USA

These machines are new to the USA and have a wide open market. If you own a fleet of machines that can be set up to operate for one full season we can demonstrate to you how you can easily pay yourself, some labor and pay off your full machine costs in the first year.

If you own a mixed fleet of MegaToyz machines in your area you will be amazed at the calls you will get to book your services. Even better, start your own mini construction yard in a community that can be available year around and watch the cash flow IN!

One of a kind Experience

MegaToyz, Interactive Amusement Rides, Coin Operated, Construction, Oregon, USA
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