The Tower Crane

Construction Themed Amusement Ride

Key Features:

  • Can be started with coins or remote control

  • Timer setting from 1 to 60 minutes, can be disabled

  • Adjustable rotation settings from 90°, 180°, 360°

  • Settings for movement speed to adjust sensitivity

  • Suggested minimum operator height: 30 inches

  • Suggested operator age: 3 years and older

  • Maximum operator weight: 200 LBS.

  • Meets worldwide safety standards

  • Warranty:

    • Includes 6-month warranty on electric & hydraulic systems

    • 1 year on chassis components

Unique Attraction

The  Crane is a coin-operated amusement ride designed for heavy equipment enthusiasts of all ages. With hydraulically controlled digging arms, the small, electric-powered machine provides an experience similar to operating a full-size excavator. 

Multiple Applications

Made from high-quality materials, this machine is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The Crane is currently being used in amusement parks, pumpkin farms, shopping malls, party rentals, and other private events throughout the world.

Crane Construction ride, Amusement, kids, event, fun

Technical Info

Volume Pricing

Construction ride, Amusement, kids, event, fun
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